Quality Meats and Provisions

Green Village Packing Quality Meats and Provisions

Check out our specialties, plus beautiful steaks, sausages, lamb and turkey. From gourmet parties to backyard BBQ"s we've got your meat! 


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Family Owned and Operated

Green Village Packing Quality Meats and Provisions Family Owned

We've been providing quality meats for local restaurants and consumers alike since 1948.  See what makes us unique in the market.

Your Tailgate Headquarters

Green Village Packing Tailgate

Pick up all the provisions you need in our store, or just provide the parking pass and we will do the rest!

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Green Village Packing Quality Meats and Provisions


"Undoubtedly the best place for top quality product. As someone who was vegan for 6 years, when I went back to a non vegan lifestyle, I was fortunate to have been turned on to this amazing establishment. First off, Billy and the staff are as friendly and helpful with retail customers as they are with their commercial customers. Secondly, their product is amazing. I am very particular about where I buy meat from. Never from a supermarket, NEVER. The only option available seemed to be at expensive local butchers. When I discovered GVP I could not believe the freshness, quality and diversity available there....and at beyond reasonable pricing. I have since turned on many friends, some of them "meatatarians" and experienced Chefs and all are equally as thrilled as I am with GVP. How I was vegan for so long, I will never know but I can say that GVP will keep me eating meat for years to come."

"Thank you so much for all of your help in getting us set for the party this weekend. Robbie and Bill were AWESOME. And everyone says the food was fantastic. you may have a few party requests from references we gave this weekend. Everyone was really impressed, especially us. Robbie and Bill were so thoughtful and kind.

Thanks again. We’ll be in touch in the future, for sure!"